VibrantMeNG Organises Event for Pregnant Women and New Mums.

VibrantMeNG Organises Event for Pregnant Women and New Mums.

FAM initiative is a free event targeted at pregnant women and new mums. Its aim is to educate these women and empower them with adequate knowledge on how to live healthy and stay fit during and after pregnancy. Pregnant women and nursing mums are getting more concerned about keeping fit during pregnancy and retaining their physique or even looking better, after childbirth. This initiative seeks to rebuild confidence and give hope to pregnant/new mums who may be going through emotional and psychological trauma either during the pregnancy or while learning to cope with the dynamics of motherhood.

Through this initiative, our goal is to promote wellness, improve the general well-being of a pregnant/new mother and her baby and possibly reduce mortality rate at childbirth while creating a support group for pregnant/new mums to bond and reach out to each other as well as developing effective relationships amongst themselves.

We believe this event is a unique one as there is currently very little organized effort in addressing this area of maternal well-being. The program has a powerful line-up of various health and wellness programs targeted at fitness, relaxation and education including Yoga, Aerobics, Massage Therapy, Medical Consultation and interesting, empowering health talks. It promises to be fun and informative for the attendees. It is also worthy to note that the event is at no cost to the attendees as it is considered a CSR opportunity.


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About VibrantMeNG, the organiser


VibrantMeNG is an online marketplace dedicated solely to the promotion of Health and Wellness services in Nigeria, the 1st of its kind in the country. This innovative platform was born from the pain most of us experienced while searching for reliable and affordable practitioners in the health and wellness space. Our Vision is to be the preferred platform for the delivery of Health and Wellness services in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Our vision, translated in our services, makes us unique. This is because what we provide is more than just a marketplace. While our approach is to leverage technology to deliver quality, affordable and convenient Wellness solutions for all, through strategic collaborations and partnerships, our niche service lies in our ability to bring quality and affordable healthcare by licensed practitioners to the home of the everyday Nigerian.


We understand that people are getting busier dealing with everyday issues and barely have time to take adequate preventive care of their health and well-being. As such, our goal is to combat this trend by bringing healthcare to the people at their preferred location and time; thereby guaranteeing comfort, convenience and privacy in receiving quality healthcare.


What we offer

The platform brings together practitioners in the health and wellness space who offer different services. Some of these services include Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss, Speech Therapy, Sleep Therapy, Acupuncture, Pain Management, Diagnostic Services, Yoga and Fitness programs. In particular, we:


  1. Connect people to licensed Health & Wellness Practitioners.
  2. Bring preventive healthcare to the doorstep of every Nigerian.
  3. Create and increase awareness about Wellness and healthy living to help people make the desired switch.
  4. Provide a platform that enables practitioners sell their services more effectively and profitably.
  5. Guarantee comfort and convenience to our customers.


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