This is the maiden edition of the conference to be hosted in Lagos. The conference will be a one day event and will discuss the theme: teach them, save them.

In today’s world the youths and teenagers make up the largest population in most countries and face a lot of difficulties including unemployment, poor health and social services and more recently societal/peer pressure. The cases of teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV/Aids and breast cancer are on the rise daily hence the need for the education of these children.This will help them make more informed decisions about their health and lifestyle choices.


The current school educational curriculum does properly educate the students on current health issues that can become a challenge later in life. We also find out that most schools do not encourage entrepreneurship as part of the educational curriculum which has been found to be very key to the economic development of every serious nation.


These issues birthed the idea of a Teen Health Conference. The target of the conference are primarily the senior secondary school students as they prepare to transition into the university.

We have realized over time that the university environment comes with a lot of social and peer pressure which if not adequately handled can result in disastrous consequences for the student. We want to ensure that students are well grounded to be in the university system, able to handle basic safety and medical emergencies and more importantly take well informed health decisions as it directly affects them and indirectly, their loved ones.


Top industry leaders and seasoned experts/panelists have been carefully chosen to attend to the various topics. Some of the confirmed speakers are CEO doctorsquarters.com Dr Emeka Okolo, Health army founder, Dr. Ugonna Ajoku, IT expert, Rock Adote, Dr. Adebowale Odulana, CEO of Doctoora and Rhythm 93.7 OAP, Kemi Olawoye amongst others to feature in the panel discussions.

This event is supported by Healtharmyng, doctorsquaters.com, Genuine Health Africa, Whytewool clothing, Arrive Alive Diagnostics, Wanted Stitch, Ariellafitness, Evolve Cosmos Allied Services, Squareface Media, Healthertainer, Vibrantmeng, Devcomms, Health Simplex, Doctoora and Ayuna Group.


It is our belief that through this conference, the following will be achieved as these children prepare to transition to the university:
• Enable young people to become responsible in making decision. Sexual health education aims at helping individuals to acquire and maintain responsible and caring relationship and behavior. Simultaneously, it will prepare the children to recognize the behavior that is exploitative and self-destructive.
• The students will be able to recognize the beauty of entrepreneurship.
• They will be able to handle basic medical emergencies.
• They will have the opportunity of meeting the professionals they aspire to become who will talk to them and mentor them.
• To teach the girls how to recognize the features of breast cancer/ breast lump and also how to examine their breasts every month.
• They will become more informed about sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy amongst others.

• Free Eye checkup for participants
• Lectures on HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and abortion, cervical cancer, breast cancer education and how to recognize breast lumps.
• Basic first aid lectures.
• Basic fire safety skills and sex/sexuality education
• Panel discussion on drug abuse/safe spaces
• Panel discussion on choosing a career


The Teen Health Conference, Lagos 2018 is scheduled to hold on the 29th day of September, 2018 to be held at The African Church Model College, Ifako- Ijaiye, Lagos by 10am.

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