Mustardels Media Collaborates with #ProjectHumanityNG, Celebrates New Year’s Day with Orphans


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and a yearning to give back to society, the staff, friends and management of Mustardels Media, a public relations firm based in Lagos, celebrated New Year’s Day with orphans at Arrows of God Orphanage, Ajah on January 1 2017.

The project, tagged #ProjectHumanityNG, is a laudable initiative aimed at bringing smiles to the faces of underprivileged in Nigeria.

“Since our founding, we have always given back to the society, one way or the other. But this is our first time with #ProjectHumanityNG and it certainly would not be our last,” said Akinsola Fadunsin, of Mustardels Media.

Akinsola reiterates: “We are particularly delighted because friends and colleagues are able to leave their comfort zones to celebrate such a significant day as this with more than 70 orphans in this Orphanage.”

Materials ranging from toiletries, bags of rice, noodles, among others were donated to the orphanage. Notable among the donations were about 100 pieces of Towels, Umbrellas and Stationery donated by a partner of #ProjectHumanityNG, SystemSpecs Limited, owners of Remita, an electronic payment platform.

Also, during their stay, the children were thrilled to music by the DJ; they participated in hot balloon games; and of course had enough to eat and drink.

#ProjectHumanityNG was also supported by Expoze Magazine & PR, and Sublime Design & Construction Associates Limited.


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