#MMTweetChat with Oluyemi Fasipe.

#MMTweetChat with Oluyemi Fasipe.

Welcome to another edition of Mustardels Media Tweet Chat.

Our guest is ready as we have an interesting discourse on DIGITAL MEDIA & GOVERNANCE.
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Let’s welcome our guest – He is no other than @YemieFASH.

@YemieFASH: Good evening, I am glad to be on this tweet chat.

@MustardelsMedia: @YemieFASH can we meet you sir?
@YemieFASH: My name is Oluyemi Fasipe, i am a new media communication strategist and a youth advocate.

@MustardelsMedia: In your term, what is good governance?
@YemieFASH: Good governance can be described as the most fundamental condition for political, social and economic development in any society i.e how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources in way that creates an enabling environment for everyone.

@MustardelsMedia: Given your definition, how does governance affects the people and economy as a whole?
@YemieFASH: Governance decides the economic growth of a nation, good governance will connect adequate institutions and practices to allow the needed development here by creating an enabling society for the people to strive.

@MustardelsMedia: So, do you think the traditional media has become less effective when it concerns issue of governance?
@YemieFASH: Well, it’s not just on the issue of governance, generally if you evaluate the present state of traditional media in Nigeria one would discover that its use and relevance has declined drastically because of the development in communication.

@MustardelsMedia: How effective would you say the Digital Media has been on the issue of governance?
@YemieFASH: Very effective, Digital media has a lot of potentials to be used for governance purposes, for example some governments agencies are using e-government strategies and disseminating information through online channels.
Digital media improves transparency and accountability of organisations and government ministries, citizens have used digital and social media to communicate, report and map issues in society, which has increased pressure on governments to respond.

@MustardelsMedia: In recent times, we are all aware of the police brutality. What can be done to effectively curb this and change the narrative?
@YemieFASH: A total shutdown of the criminal network within the police structure & a general reform in the police which must involve scrapping of all killer squads (SARS SACS SAKS) of the Police Force & their responsibilities transferred to proper structures within the police.

@MustardelsMedia: The use of the hashtag #EndSARS on Digital Media has been on the rise, would you say this is enough to put the appropriate authorities on their feet?
@YemieFASH: Well, with the #EndSARS hashtag we achieved a presidential order to overhaul @PoliceNG SARS, with the same hashtag we achieved the passage of the police trust fund bill and the police reform bill by the National Assembly. We are hoping President @Mbuhari accents it.

@MustardelsMedia: What do you think about the Police Reform Bill and how well would it make the Police Force more effective?
@YemieFASH: It will modernise the current @PoliceNG, and establish guiding principles to ensure effective policing in Nigeria. These principles include efficiency and effectiveness; accountability, and transparency; protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

@MustardelsMedia: Well said. Let’s come to you, do you have role models? If yes, lets know them.
@YemieFASH: I don’t have role models, I appreciate people with value.

@MustardelsMedia: Finally, how can people use the digital media as a tool to get involved in governance?
@YemieFASH: On this final note I like to state that it is d civic responsibility of citizens to show concern in governance, people don’t seems to understand that it doesn’t make u a politician, it starts with holding elected leaders to account. Social media makes this very easy.

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