LazyWrita – Our March Mustardels Media Focus

LazyWrita - Our March Mustardels Media Focus

LazyWrita, has carved a niche for himself in the Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing sphere where he is currently a leading brand. Folayemi Joshua, in this interview with LazyWrita, gives more indepth about the brand.

The world knows you as Lazywrita, can we know your real names?

Anda Paul Damisa.

How did you come about the brand LazyWrita?

I needed a name for my blog a couple of years back. Everyone thought I was lazy then for playing around online and not getting a real job. I also loved writing so one way or the other both cake together and I got Lazywrita.

What exactly is the brand LazyWrita about??

Lazywrita is basically in the business of creating engaging content and the dessimination Of information to targeted audiences online.

What are your thoughts on Digital marketing in Nigeria?

I feel like it is still an untapped goldmine which will experience a boom in the next few years.

Would you say that having a lot of followers on social media platforms makes one a Digital Marketer?

No it doesn’t. That might probably just make you an influential person.

Where do you see the LazyWrita brand in the next five (5) years?

Moving forward alongside the fast evolving trends in the social/digital media sphere.

What inspires you as a person?


Is there anyone you look up to as a role model?

Writer Dean Koontz. He is also a brilliant poet.

So, are we to expect wedding bells soon?

Someday definitely.


Whose wardrobe would you love to raid if you had the chance?



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