Buying your Direct Entry form just got easier!



It has become much easier for prospective candidates seeking admission into various universities across the country to purchase their JAMB Direct Entry forms.

Now, by simply using Remita, the electronic payment solution, they can buy their Direct Entry form from the comfort of their mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device. And as soon as such payments are made, their pin is instantly delivered to their registered email address.

No more waste of precious time on long queues or waiting till the next working day because the banks have closed, or because it’s a weekend or a public holiday! With Remita available round-the-clock, even after working hours, weekends and public holidays, they can pay for their forms at any time and from anywhere, especially with the Remita mobile app on their phone.

Thousands of prospective DE candidates are already enjoying this ease. What are you waiting for?

The process is simpler than ABC!

  1. Visit login with your email or sign up
  2. Under “Sales of Form”, click “Direct Entry”
  3. Click “Pay With Remita” and Continue to payment
  4. Pay easily with any of the options below:
  • Process your RRR at any Bank Branch
  • Internet Banking of select Banks
  • Download Remita mobile App, select ‘Do More’ to ‘Pay RRR invoice’ directly from your bank account or with your Debit Card.

After payment, your PIN will be sent to your JAMB profile email address.


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