Born with a Plastic spoon – Demola Adetona: Our September #MustardelsMediaFocus!

Born with a Plastic spoon - Demola Adetona: Our September #MustardelsMediaFocus!

Demola Adetona a.k.a. Expoze, a native of Ibadan, Oyo State has carved a niche for himself in the Digital Marketing sphere where he is currently a mentor to many other Digital Marketers. The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology graduate of Animal Production and Health’s brand Expoze Group is mentioned alongside big names in the industry. Folayemi Joshua, in this interview with Demola, brings out what makes him stand out.


Your real name is Demola, how did you come about Expoze?

EXPOZE was birthed years ago as a campus magazine, 10 years after it has grown into a group of company centered on ideation, strategy, innovation and business growth.


Mention some of the brands/clientele you have helped achieve their marketing objectives.

Three Crowns, Multichoice, BetWay, Samsung Mobile, Castrol, Krispy Kreme, Guinness, Infinix Mobile, Fidelity Bank, etc.


Demola Adetona

Would you say you have passion for Digital marketing or rather a skill?

It was passion initially, but over the years it has grown into skill. I resigned my 9 – 5 job to focus on Digital Marketing, that’s leaving certainty for uncertainty 6 years ago, but I craved more because it wasn’t enough to satisfy my creative and entrepreneurial itch.


How did the journey start for you?

I prepared for a career in this field with Expoze Magazine back in Lautech, while the Magazine business was booming, business owners and event organizers consulted me to handle their PR, creative communications and strategic marketing.


How old is Expoze group?

We’ll be 10 years in November.


Demola Adetona



What keeps you going??

Whenever my clients Win, I win too, I become indispensable to my clients by learning about their business, helping them solve their challenges the best way that I can. Instead of a supplier of services, I become a partner in their success, this has kept me going over the years.


Aside Digital marketing, what else are you into??

I run a car sourcing agency, a training institute, a bespoke shoe brand and an NGO, there’s still more industry to take over with digital, we are getting closer by the minute.


If you had a choice of another career, which would it be?

Architecture, it has always been my dream career.


Demola Adetona

We know you are tieing the knot soon, how do you feel ?

You’re a stalker!! For the very first time in my life I’m conquering one of my greatest fear, I’m from a divorced home, you know what that means. I’m happy I found someone to compliment me.


What would be your advice to people out there that want to get into the Digital marketing space?

Bet on your strengths every day, instead of forcing yourself to become the “best” at any one particular tactic, you can raise the bar and become the best at what you love doing.


Which social media platform do you utilize best for business?

Instagram because a static photo speaks louder than a moving one.


Whats your take on the recent Twitter clampdown on some accounts and how do you think influencers and digital marketers can better position themselves to avoid this?

Nobody saw this coming, and there’s still more filtrations to come. Its best to avoid automated tools, plagiarism completely, if you’ve violated at any point, you can delete all your tweets but make sure you archive them first.

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