Adewale Adetona: #MisfitToHero Story

Adewale Adetona: #MisfitToHero Story

I laugh at people when I tell them I am a serial enterprenuer and they laugh at me.


I don’t even know where to start from but so as not to bore you, let me cut the story short – I can tell you 5 things for FREE:

1. I grew up dreaming to be a Medical Doctor.

2. I once sold CDs and Desktop Chargers to survive while in school.

3. I was once a co-publisher of a youth & campus focused entertainment magazine – Fresh Breed Magazine.

4. I was once a fish farmer (I could boast of more than 1,000 Catfishes in my fish pond) back then.

5. I once owned a game and business center where i made daily income of close to 2,000 naira/day. (Lots of money back then, bruh!)


Like every other young Nigerian, I grew up with a big aspiration. I used to top my class right from Primary One. I came second in my school’s common entrance examination – thereby missed a scholarship opportunity; but that’s by the way.


I ended up studying computer science at LASU (Even though we never get to see nor enter a computer lab for once… πŸ˜‚) talk more of coding.

Moving on, sometimes around my 300L, I discovered Twitter as a platform where i could throw football bants, boast about my cooking skills and hide behind the keyboard to be humorous, even though I knew I cant make anybody laugh to save my life in real life. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I started getting enough attention and followers on my profile, agencies and brands started reaching out for me to help market their products/services in exchange for payment. Along the line, I also came across good friends like @DemolaExpoze who has turned to a brother and business partner… Keep winning, bruh! πŸ™Œ

To better myself, I went on different trainings, took Google Digital Marketing certification and some other courses online.


To cut the story short, today, I am not a Doctor (even though I could be your love doctor) and neither am I a computer scientist (but I can tell you all the keyboard shortcuts though), I can boast of successfully running diverse Social Media campaigns for different brands. I currently work in the Branding/Comms department of one of the top Fintech Firms in Nigeria, I co-manage a startup Digital Media outfit in Lagos, Mustardels Media and also the convener of Β Lagos Digital Summit.


This was never the dream, but do i enjoy what I am doing? YES!
Does it pay the bills? YES?
Am I advancing my career in this?


My name is Wale Adetona, they call me Slimfit and this is my #MisfitToHero story.
Share yours with the hashtag. See you at the top!

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