Betty Irabor set to release new book

Betty Irabor set to release new book

Founder of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor has a new book to be released soon, titled “Dust to Dew”.

The book would contain some of the most interesting parts of her life journey as she shares learning points from them.

She posted the cover of the book on her Instagram page and captioned:

“I am So Excited to unveil the cover of my book 😁😁💃💃 “Dust to Dew”… Dust is chaos, Dust blinds, it inhibits. Dew is Life, it is Hope, it is New Beginnings 💧💧💦 It’s been an interesting journey putting several emotions into a book that chronicles the darkest period of my battle with depression. I didn’t lose those 7 years, Rather it was a period of Learning and Unlearning! This is me being audacious about sharing my most intimate battle with depression with you. May all our aspirations distill into the morning Dew! 💕💕💕”

Read an excerpt from the book below.

Photo Credit: Irabor

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